North Texas Longhorns

4X TUFL Champions & 2013 National Champions

Bob Nottingham
Defensive Secondary/ Assist. Head Coach

Mobile Phone Number: 903-366-1433

Information: Bob has been with the team for 6 years. Bob works well in breaking down game film. Bob works great with both Offensive and Defensive Coaching Staffs. He brings the two together with helping to set up game plans for each. Bob's knowledge of the game of football and Organzation skills helps in providing the stability with in the Longhorn Staff. Bob has been a great asset to the Longhorn Team. His dedication and help in development of the Longhorn Organization is seen with 2 Championships.

As the Staff moves forward... Bob also does with new Ideas in making the Longhorns the best in the State. Bob will be adding some new coaching techniques to the Longhorns in 2011.