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Longhorns Win 59-0 Over the Venom

The game on Saturday night was a game where the Longhorns wanted to come out and play. The New Longhorn Coaching Staff and Players have been preparing for this game since Nov. All the new rookies and Veteran players have been working together for a few months. The last two preseason loses have fired up this Longhorn team and allowed the coaches to view many different players the last few months. This game vs the Lonestar Venom would enable the Coaches to see how the players they selected would do in a regular season game.


The Venom is a young team with a good Head Coach in Rich Gant. The Owner Mike Turner has had a team the last 3 years. Many of his older players have moved to other teams around the Metroplex. Mike does a great job in bringing in new young talent into the League.Keeping the talent is another thing.The Venom hasn't played any preseason games yet in 2012 so this was their first for the season.Young and Quick was what was seen at pregame and thru out the game. The Venom QB has a lot of desire and takes a hit and keeps on going. This was the story all night long with this team. Young, no fear and a desire to play football is the foundation of this team..


The Longhorns came out and played a great game with few mistakes in the first half.

The Defense was on fire with AJ Johnson and DeCarlous Lui attacking from the D-Ends. The Linebackers Gary Glenn, Shawn Alexander, Craft Martin, and Johnnny Kirkpatrick attacked all night from every angle. " It was great to see the chemistry in these guys all night" said Coach Webb. Coach Ellis did a great job with the Front seven and David Ross and Jeff Musick holding down the D-tackle spot. The real bright spots came from Nate Warfield , Brandon Howard, Kendrick Ridge, and Obie Nwaquko. These guys played tough all night and found a spot on the Longhorn Defensive Rotation. The defensive backs were having a great night. Kinte Hines and Kiefer Christian came back from last years team to start in the safties position. With rookie TJ Rector getting a lot of playing time showing he can play at this level.. The Corners for the Longhorns are made up of Josh Drake, Kemo Moore, Jose Valdavimes  and Josh Montoya. They did a great job covering the recievers. They made it hard to throw to any reciever.


The Offense was led by a new Longhorn QB Markieth Sanders. He is very fast and can scramble as well as pass. He got a lot of confidence playing in this game after a sprained knee injury in the game vs Weatherford Bullets. Sanders did an outstanding job in moving his offense down the field. The second team QB Xavier Pruitt moved the ball down the field with out any problems. This gives the Longhorns two QBs that they can use during the season.The Runningbacks for the Longhorns were Joel Mckoy and Quin Erwin both played last year for the Longhorns. The Longhorns have added some more talent to the back field with Eric Brinkley, Germain Love, Justin Miller, TC Carter, and Josh Fulton. This new talent gives the Longhorns the ability to run the ball in any situation. Coach Coldwell is excited to have this much talent in the back field. The WR's are loaded as well with some old Veterans showing out. Omar Jenkins is back playing stronger than he did in 08. Ronnie Rodamer, Kevin Cheatum, Bryan Emmerson with veteran new additions John Rogers and Jon Williams made it hard for the Venom to cover. The offensive line really is shaping up with more chemistry. Justin Holcomb at center holds the Longhorn line down. Zack Jester and Larry Gilbert at the gaurds. Charles Lee and Shawn Hamm at the tackles. These guys did a great job in run and pass protection. The TE Jude Comeux and Brandon Pruitt did a great job in blocking.


Special teams did a great job tonight with out many mistakes. Everyone was on point tonight during the game. Kicker Young redeemed himself after a bad game vs the Bullets. Young showed good form all night and took controll over the special teams personel. The special teams worked the problems out and are ready for the Lighting next week. With great down field tackling from Emmerson, Fulton, Montoya, Valdavimes, Kirkpatrick, Love, Christian, Carter, Nwaquko and Rector.


The game was the first of the 2012 season with what seems to be a new begining with so many new players on this Longhorns Team . New Coaches working together and New players playing together...this should be a great season.

Next week the Longhorns Play the NTx Lightning at Clark Stadium at 7:00 pm. Tickets are 8.00 for adults and 5.00 for children. Children under 5 Free.

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